Removing wild animals in the attic

There are different wild animals that can get into the attic of buildings and homes. In many cases, humans will become aware of the situation once they hear the different sounds from above their ceilings. Usually, the noise is a form of vocal cries, thumping, walking, and digging, scratching and scampering around. The noise that is usually heard is a clue that helps you to determine the kind of animal that is in the attic.

You need to determine the time that the noises are heard and how fast and light they are. You also need to determine whether they are heavy or slow. These kinds of analysis can help you determine the animal that you are dealing with within the attic. You can check the areas of entry so as to be able to gather evidence that may be lefty behind such as tracks and drippings. You should also determine what time of year it is as this may tell you the animal that is most likely in your attic.

Control methods

The methods that can be applied so as to remove the animals from your attic differ from one animal to the next. It is important to know that scent such as ammonia and mothballs don’t always work. There are yet other animals which are repelled by the smell but with time, they become accustomed to it and don’t even care if it is there at all. Ultrasonic sound and strobe lights may also work for a while in some situations but they may also get accustomed to them rendering them useless. Using the strobe lights can also prove to be pretty expensive in the long run.

There are two methods that actually work well in eliminating the animals in your attic.

  1. Trapping animals: this is one of the best ways in which you can apply and it can really work. Depending on the animal in question, you can place traps at strategic points and then use some form of bait so as to attract the animal into the cage. They can be placed at the entry and exit points and also at different parts of the attic so as to increasing the chances of the animal being trapped. When caught, the animal is relocated to an area that is safe together with its young if any.
  2. One way exclusion doors: this is another amazing way in which you can apply to remove the animals from your attic. These are usually placed at the entry and exit points of the attic that are used by the animals. Once the animal leaves, there is no way of getting back in.

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