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Removal of honey bees from house

It is really very disturbing to witness the presence of a large number of bees swarming in your house because you are always at the risk of getting exposed to their stings. Things turn extremely complicated when bees develop hives inside your house especially if there are children present as well. Kids don’t understand the dangers of going near a hive and can be fascinated by its appearance and in unfortunate cases they can even touch the hive or disturb the bees bringing grave complications.

It is very much important that you should take proper steps for making sure that hive is removed safely as soon as possible from your property. It should be mentioned here that extracting the colonies of honey bees from your property is never easy in fact it is more difficult than collection of clusters of swarm. Initially at the time of establishment of colony only few bees are present, but with the passage of time their number increases leading to building of more combs and honey collection. It is mentioned by experts that a properly established colony of bees can possess 100 pounds of honey, developing bees as well as beeswax combs. It is a big challenge to remove this kind of nest your first step in all cases should be to determine the right strategy because there is huge risk present if things are not handled in a proper fashion.

Start by correct detection of the location where combs or colony of bees is present. It is a common practice to kills bees present inside a building using pesticides which have been specially developed for killing bees inside buildings. However, this option can lead to consequences, which are not desired in majority of situations. The bodies of adult bees can rot leading to undesirable odor at the same time most of the sprays are not effective as well so you need to be extremely careful here.

A better option than using any kind of insecticide is to call a professional beekeeper who is ready to help and can ensure removal of bees safely. First of all bee keeper will properly evaluate the position of hive by listening to the hum coming from colony. Beekeepers have their own strategies for accomplishing this task. In case your preference is to save the bees then gently these can be removed however, if you don’t want to save the bees, then a vacuum device can be used for this purpose. In all cases we suggest that you should never take the task of killing bees into your own hands as it creates a lot of complications. Call expert professionals for dealing with these kinds of issues as they can save you from problems. Go back to the How to get rid of wildlife home page.

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