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Exotic reptile species found in the world of Florida

The wild of Florida is known for its diverse reptile population. Some of the species are exclusive to Florida or the USA while some of the species have invaded the world of Florida. The exotic species have invaded the world of Florida in a huge way. Scientists claim that the world of Florida has the largest number of invasive reptiles in the world. Most of the exotic species have been introduced while there no records of the introduction of some species such as the Nile crocodile.

The spectacled caiman

The spectacled caiman is an exotic alligator that is quite stable and survives in the wild of Florida. Reports show that the spectacled caiman has been around since the 1950s. The caiman is found in two of Florida’s counties. The spectacled caiman prefers freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams. It competes with the American alligator, which is native, for food and shelter. The spectacled caiman can be seen as a threat as it feeds on vertebrates which are indigenous.

The red-eared slider

The red-eared slider is closely related to the yellow-bellied slider which naturally occurs in North Florida. These two closely related turtles do interbreed. The red-eared slider is indigenous to the Mississippi River. The primary cause of the occurrence of this species in the wild of Florida is the fact that it is a common pet. In fact, it is the most traded reptile in North America. The red eared slider competes with native turtles for food.

The Burmese python

The Burmese python is native to India and is commonly referred to as the Indian python. The Burmese python grows up to the length of 3 meters with a record of 5 meters reported in Florida. The Burmese python is a semi-aquatic snake; it can be found near water bodies or in water. The python has patches that resemble puzzle pieces. Typically these huge serpents are tan in color. This snake poses a threat to indigenous animals as it preys on them. The Python also preys on endangered species such as the Key Largo Wood rat. The Burmese python is also a threat to human beings.

The green iguana

The green iguana is a vegetarian lizard. Being vegetarian, it does not compete for food with native lizards. Native Floridian lizards are carnivorous. The green iguana is a common item of trade in the pet trade industry. It is a difficult animal to contain due to its speed. It can be found on trees near water and in suburban regions.

There are many exotic species in the wild of Florida. Some wildlife experts argue that the exotic reptile species pose a threat to the native species. Of course, that claim is highly debatable. The main issue is, can you identify the native species from the exotic species? Go back to the How to get rid of wildlife home page.

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