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How to deodorize your house from a dead animal

After a small animal establishes a habitat inside your house with or without your knowledge, the only reason why it might leave sometimes is its death. This is because human houses nowadays are referred to as the urban jungles. This means that animals from the wild can come and adjust to the lifestyle if the conditions for living are adequate for it. The conditions are normally the presence of enough food, the adequate supply of water, suitable temperatures in attics which aid their reproduction and development of offspring and the location’s secureness from predators.

Once these animals stay for a long period of time, they eventually die. The reasons that may cause their deaths are exhaustion because of age, lack of enough food once they start hiding from pets and they might also get stuck while trying to use a passage that is not of their size to exit or enter a house. Among other reasons, those three are the most common. Once these animals die, they decompose and bad odour is felt throughout the house from the decomposing organism. The bad odour is most concentrated near the areas where the dead organism is. A person might find it and remove it but the odour sometimes does not easily go away. Therefore something has to be done about it.

The process of getting rid of the ad odour in your house with the aim of returning the smell of the place to normal or to change it to smell completely like something else is called deodorization. There are some ways to deodorize a house that had the rotten smell of a decomposing animal. They are explained in this article next. Follow them carefully to completely remove the bad smell from your household.
  • Use Smezzle. Smezzle is a deodorant that is used to carefully remove the awful smell of decomposing animals without having to mask the house with another fragrance that is harmful. It has been in existence for over 20 years therefore its usefulness is highly recommended. Just spray it in the area where the organism dies and also slightly around other areas of the house.
  • Vinegar. This is also another agent that is very useful in removal of unwanted odour in a house. Vinegar is a cheap way to deodorize and once it dries up the smell of vinegar and the smell of the dead animal cannot be felt. This can be applied in drains, in pipes etc.
  • Use odour removal bags. They absorb unwanted odour in your house. They are like sponges.
Once all these methods are applied, the bad odour will have gone away and your house will smell normal again. Go back to the How to get rid of wildlife home page.

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