An Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake on a snake hook

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I Catch Snakes Too! - And I am actually very proud of it! Yes, they are extremely dangerous and you have to be a real expert when you are called for snake removal, but I just love the adventure it adds to my day. Makes my job worth every single thing I can imagine. No wonder I love my work and would never switch to any other profession. I know snakes and the reptile family in general creep out most people. I am not exactly sure if it is that snakes are creepy or that many of them are poisonous that freaks people out. For me, they are simply majestic.

Although I do not support animal cruelty but I can understand why people love things made out of snakeskin. Just look at the patterns on the beauty I caught in the picture you see here. This was one hell of a job I did. The snake was seen crawling around in a private property and as was expected, it scared the living daylights out of the people living there. And hence, I was called on to the scene to save the day. This seven-footer was something to look at really and belonged to a family of snakes called the eastern diamondback rattlesnake – with eastern describing where it comes from, diamondback referring to the patterns on its skin and rattlesnake making it clear that it had rattles on its tail.

This happens to be the most venomous snake in America and that made the job all the more exciting for me. Using a snake hook, I lifted it off the ground and placed it into a snake sack. I had no intention to kill it since I do not believe in killing the animals I catch and these snakes in particular are moving towards extinction. The best place for it was the wildlife preserve where it could enjoy its natural habitat.