How to Kill Snakes - Shovel, Poison

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Snakes are a real problem for many people, as they have an irrational fear of these animals that are frequently misunderstood and mistaken for the small percentage of venomous snakes that are to be found in the United States. One of the problems for many species of snakes is that they have evolved to develop a pattern similar to venomous snakes to try and deter predators, but now these colorings are causing many people to try and kill non venomous snakes by mistake. Snakes are generally animals that will try to flee from humans rather than seek a confrontation, but there are still many people who will want to kill these snakes.

Shooting A Snake
This is probably one of the most difficult and challenging methods of killing snakes, as these animals are generally quite small and have a relatively slim body, meaning that they are a small target. This is not an advised way of killing a snake as it is difficult to do successfully, and the threat posed by injured and disorientated snakes are much more than those posed by healthy snakes.

Lethal Traps
There are a number of traps that can be used to catch and kill snakes, but it is often quite difficult to bait such traps successfully, as snakes are generally animals that will kill their own prey. It has been known for people to bait such a trap with a thawed rodent such as a mouse, but the most important thing when using such a trap is to position the trap correctly. This is quite an art as the trap needs to be the right size to suit the target snake, and should be positioned in an area such as a hole in the fence where the snake will get into or out of your yard or garden. It is almost impossible to poison a snake because they do not eat food in the traditional way, rather choosing to kill live prey.

Precautions When Trying To Kill A Snake
One of the most important things to do if you are thinking about trying to kill a snake is to ensure that it is really necessary. Snakes are creatures that can do a lot of good for an area, and will actually reduce the populations of other pest animals such as mice and rats. It is also worth trying to identify the snake before you try and kill it, as snakes are likely to try and strike when cornered, and this isn't a desirable thing to happen. Even snakes that aren't venomous will often deliver a nasty bite.

Alternatives To Killing A Snake
There are a number of live traps that can be used to catch and remove a snake if it appears in your garden, and the safe nature of these traps mean that you will not need to come into direct contact with the snake. It is also possible to use cage traps to catch a snake, but when using a cage trap it is vital that the trap is positioned in an area where the snake is active and that it has a mesh that is narrow enough to keep the snake enclosed. Any live traps should be checked once or twice a day to check if the trap has been successful, and any snakes caught should be released at least five miles from your property.

If you have repeated problems with snakes in your yard or garden then there is usually a particular feature on the property that is attracting them. Many people have dealt with their rodent problem and found that the number of snakes coming to their garden reduced significantly.

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