What to do if your neighbor's dog won't stop barking

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You might have experienced a situation wherein there might have been a dog in your neighbor’s house that just won’t stop barking. If you are just started out living there, you will most likely try to put up with it in the beginning since you don’t wish to create a mess in the first place. If your neighbor with the dog is new to the place, then you will perhaps endeavor to tolerate and stand it since you might have thought the dog is fine-tuning and getting adapted to the new place.

However, after some weeks, they might start barking more, thereby resulting in irritating you. It might spoil your sleep, avert you from enjoying your meals and also wreck family get-togethers.

In such a situation, you need to follow some steps to stop the barking of the dog.

You must first notice the timings when they bark and keep a record of them. Yes. This process is a pain, however this is the only proof that you will require to bring the barking to a close.

If you are in a rented house, you can make a complaint to the landlord. It becomes the duty of the landlord to show interest in such state-of-affairs and help you right away. If the landlord is terrified or unproductive, or if you actually own the house, make a call to the local police or to the city hall and discover the noise parameters and guidelines in your city or town. Such regulations exist wherein dog barking is believed to be bother and inconvenience, if it happens for 30 minutes, no matter whether it is day or night.

You can speak to your neighbor. Try to be cordial. Your neighbor might know the fact that his/her dog is barking too much, however he/she will perhaps pretend to be surprised and might even state that you are the earliest to complain about it. He/she might also say the dog will not stop barking, even though they took measures to stop. Here, whatever your neighbor pronounces does not matter. The major thing is that you had endeavored to converse with him/her with reference to the issue. Write down whatever your neighbor said since this becomes another part of your attempting history to stop the dog from barking.

Soon, you will be communicated by the local animal control officer. The officer will ask you for records for the occurrence of the barking incident and the time when it happens. If you happen to give more details, then your case becomes better. The officer will instantly communicate to your neighbor and will let him/her know regarding the complaints. The officer will also recommend various ways to bring the barking to a standstill and also warn them that if complaints keep on coming and are substantiated, they will have to face legal actions. They will first impose fines and when things don’t come back to normal, a court order is issued to seize the dogs.

However, you need to keep going with the complaints, and also note down the incidents. Also you should converse to other fellow neighbors those who are going through a bad phase as you. One fine day, your privileges will be implemented, after which there will be complete silence in your neighborhood.

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