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How to protect yourself against dangerous stray dogs

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During the warm months of the year, dogs are allowed to go out and roam in the yards when compared to the colder months, and so it is very much possible that someone who goes for a walk or jog on the outside might run over a stray dog, during the summer or spring. The dog might be in your backyard or might be roaming the street; it is very much significant to be familiar with the steps to be taken when you happen to bump into a stray dog.

Dogs can be gracious and fun and also be treacherous and risky to be with. You can never presume about the kind of dog that you are going to meet until you approach one. The sad thing is that, occasionally, dogs tend to change whenever anyone makes overtures to them, and so inspecting the dogs from a distance in order to observe their nature does not help you know more about how to deal with a stray dog.

Be motionless and stock-still
Dogs, with disregard to being aggressive or playful, will be prompted to run, jump or even attack, if you intend to move suddenly and swiftly. The best thing to do is to standstill while you meet a stray dog and allow the dog to smell you to help the dog know that you are not going to harm them. This way, dogs will believe that you are safe. Typically, they are more afraid on seeing you when compared to you seeing them.

Don’t let the dog smell your hand
Never protrude your hand to a dog to smell you, unless you wish to have your hand bitten. If you happen to meet with a stray dog and if you are be motionless, have your hands on the side, then the dog is more likely to smell your hands. Never stick your hands towards the dog, since it might be taken as a hostile and violent sign. Just allow the dog to sniff you.

Once the dog finds that they are out of harm's way, the dog will put his head down, tail down or might even start to walk off from that place. These are the signs the dog shows to you to allow you to know that things are okay, following which you can extend your hand to the pet, however not before the dog checks you out.

Never run away
Dogs that are not aggressive might also chase people who tend to run on seeing them just because they wish to play. If the dog is aggressive, they are sure to chase you, if you intend to run away from them, since running, for them, is an indication that prompts them to chase back. Walk away from them slowly, but cautiously and don’t turn your back to the dog. Also never run, even when you are at a long distance from the dog, since the dog can easily chase you from a far distance.

If you have mace or a weapon, use it if necessary
If you are actively being attacked, use whatever necessary to defend yourself. This includes kicking. Protect the head and face.

Dogs are deliberately not unsafe, however when they are scared, not at home, hungry or mishandled, they are extremely perilous. So it is always better to guard both yourself and the people around you than to make an attempt to save a stray dog that could be harmful. Once you and your family are safe, you can phone up the people from the local animal control to come over and watch out for the stray dog.

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