How to Catch a Stray Dog

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A dog is known popularly known as “Man’s best friend”. But when this animal is betrayed and sent to the streets, it turns out to be a “Stray dog”. Dogs are susceptible to various diseases and ailments when left as stray animals on the roadside. This again will pose a threat to the human being living around this area. So it is better to catch a stray dog and leave it in a shelter like a Non-profit organization that rescues and adopts such dogs. Now how to catch this stray dog is the question?

First we should think of our safety before catching hold of this dog. Risk factors involved could be that the dog is diseased. Check the dog’s behavior. If it is behaving oddly, then do not attempt to catch it alone. Call a professional dog catcher for help.

If you do not know how to breed a dog or not familiar about the habits of dog, the best way would be to approach the Animal Control Board or animal rescue centers in the neighborhood. Give them a call and give the details of the stray dog in your area. Include their photos for more information about the available dogs. Then wait patiently for their assistance. If no help comes from the animal control then try some of the below. But if you do try to catch the dog yourself, be careful. An animal instilled with fear will certainly bite, not just because it is scared or it is mean, but out of sheer fear.

How to Catch a Stray Dog that is Scared and Runs Away? If the dog could be befriend with some biscuits or friendly strokes then the job becomes easy for you. If not then try setting humane traps with food and water. You can use a dog catch pole like what the animal control uses. To use this catch pole, just try getting close enough to him with food and water and don't look him in the eye and if you get close enough just quickly hook it around his neck and crate him.

What to do after catching the stray dog? Do you want to keep it or give away?

Since this dog is not yours you cannot keep it. You must find its rightful owner. If it has a collar, then look for the tag that might identify its owner. If not, take it to a vet who could find if the dog might have a microchip. It is suggested to legally report about finding the dog to the nearest shelter. If the dog is in need of medical treatment, take him to a vet. If you intend to keep the dog, check with the shelter how long to wait until it will be legally considered as yours. In most of the areas it would be 14 days after you first report finding the dog.

Feed the dog and take care of him. Show him lot of love and affection. When the stray dog feels wanted they will be more playful and be by your side. You can understand if the dog has developed a sense of trust with you or not. If he/she comes around more often, then he has started trusting in you. Provide him with a nice, comfortable environment. Too much of noise may make him feel nervous and frightened. So try to keep him in a calm environment for a few days. Once he is accustomed your new pet will want to stick around you all the time. Remember not to betray him again.

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