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How to keep wild animals out of my garden

Do you live near a forest? Are you wondering how to keep wild animals from your garden? Wild animals can be a nuisance on your garden. They will eat your favorite vegetables and mess up your beautiful flowers. The fact that you have a garden means that you are a nature lover. Being in love with nature, you will be frustrated to find all your good vegetables and flowers eaten up. There are many methods to keep wild animals away from your garden. Some are lethal, such as trapping them while some are diplomatic, such as spraying them away.

The first step towards putting wild animals away from your garden is to identify the type of animal causing problems. After you identify the animals, you can deal with it by learning its habits. After learning the habits of the animal causing trouble, you can devise an effective solution to keep it at bay. Not all methods work on all animals. For instance, if the animal causing trouble is a bird, putting a high fence is not the solution. In such a case putting a net over the plants in the garden will work. The bottom line is, learn the animal causing trouble first.

Some wild animals such as moles and birds are as brave as to make your garden their home. To tackle the problem with wild animals your garden ought to be unattractive. Make sure your garden does not have areas where animals can hide. Clear any unwanted bushes, animals hide in such areas. Make clear paths between your plants. Rabbits and squirrels will be discouraged by the vast space as they will be vulnerable to predators. Use chemicals that inhibit the occurrence of grubs and worms in your garden. Skunks and raccoons are not after your plants- but they will destroy the plants in pursuit for grubs. An effective way to keep wild animals away is to make your garden less attractive to them.

Fence your garden. Flower gardens are better off when unfenced- you planted the flowers so that you can expose their beauty. Vegetable gardens, on the other hand, can be fenced. The deer and rabbits will not eat your carrots, cabbages, and lettuce if they cannot see/reach them. With deer, put a high fence, more than 8 feet as they are good jumpers. Blocking reach and sight will protect your garden from animals.

Repellents can work. With this method, you have to learn the animal you are dealing with. Substances that will repel a rabbit may be suitable to a skunk. However, ammonia tends to irritate most animals.

Eradicating wild animals starts by learning the animals. Some methods only work for specific species. Go back to the How to get rid of wildlife home page.

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