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How to Kill Woodpeckers with Poison

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Woodpeckers are one of the most fascinating birds there is. We all remember Woody Woodpecker from our childhood days. Unfortunately, woodpeckers can be considered as a pest to some people and many people will want to look into lethal woodpecker removal methods. Woodpeckers do like to peck and they will peck right through branches on trees as well as pecking significant holes in the trunks themselves which cause major damage to trees. They cause a problem for the forest industry because their pecks will degrade the value of the wood. They will even cause damage to telephone and hydro poles causing them to be replaced. Not only all of that but sometimes they will drill into the side of houses and other objects which can destroy the integrity of houses and the other objects causing large amounts of repairs to be done. Some people do tend to find their constant drilling sound unbearable especially while they are drilling on the house. If they are bothering you or destroying your valuable property you might want to consider using a woodpecker removal method in order to not be bothered by them anymore and to avoid any further damage.

Although illegal, a good shot can kill a woodpecker.

Snap Trap
A specialized trap, which is basically a birdhouse with a mouse snap trap inside, can kill woodpeckers. This is also illegal.

You can apply woodpecker poison, such as Cholecalciferol or Strychnine to the wood the woodpecker is pecking, and that might kill it. This is also illegal.

Finding out where woodpeckers nest will help prevent you from having to use a woodpecker killing method because you can make it so that the woodpecker will not want to nest in that site anymore. You can remove the tree that the woodpecker is residing in and that will encourage the woodpecker to find a more suitable place to live but there may be a problem with this solution. If your property is suitable for a woodpecker they may just move on to another tree on your property. During the process of finding a new home they may drill holes into several of your trees. This is important to take into consideration when you are deciding on a woodpecker removal method. You could always provide a woodpecker with food such as suet and a jelly substance. This way they do not have to rely on pecking on your trees or house to find food. You could also provide the woodpecker with a nesting box so that they are not trying to peck a hole in a tree to make their nest. Using these methods will help prevent having to rely on woodpecker removal methods and you and the woodpecker can co-exist peacefully together that is if they do not start pecking on your house.

If it is feasible and possible it is always a good idea to try co-existing with the woodpeckers. Try the above mentioned methods in order to co-exist with the woodpeckers before trying other woodpecker removal methods. Perhaps your property could become a safe haven for these birds as they do a number of beneficial things for our environment as well. These benefits include eliminating bugs, even harmful ones, from your property as the woodpecker will borrow into trees to get the bugs. There are a number of bugs that can be found under the bark of trees and some of them may do more harm than good. Although, the woodpecker would do even more damage to the tree it will prevent any harmful bugs from migrating to other trees on your property. Other beneficial things woodpeckers do for your property is they provide nesting areas for other species of animals. In the process of building the perfect nest they will often times try several times in several different trees. These different attempts are not wasted as other animals will move into them and use them as their home. So take these into consideration while you are thinking about the woodpecker removal options you have available. It may not even be necessary to use a woodpecker removal method in the first place.

Woodpeckers are protected in the United States so before you do try woodpecker removal methods, you will want to check with local, state and federal laws. You could try to capture a woodpecker yourself and then take it somewhere to release it but, if you do this, you want to make sure that you are not harming the woodpecker in any way whatsoever. This would be the most humane way to get the woodpecker off your property. If you do not want to try trapping and removing them from your property yourself you could try hiring a pest control company. There are many pest control companies that would relocate a woodpecker without harming them as a woodpecker removal method. You do not want to poison or shoot them as woodpecker removal methods because this would be illegal and you could end up hurting yourself or other animal species by doing this.

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