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How to Kill Pigeons with Poison

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How To Kill A Pigeon
Pigeons are birds that have had a long and distinguished association with people, and these intelligent birds acted as one of the main methods of sending messages over long distances for many centuries. However, thousands of these animals have been released into the wild by people, and these feral pigeons have developed vast populations that can prove to be a major problem in many town and city centers. This has led to many areas launching a crack down, as these birds can cause many problems when they forage for food, and can even be aggressive and try to steal food from people. For these reasons there are many people who actively want to kill pigeons.

Shooting A Pigeon
One of the most common methods of killing a pigeon, especially in rural areas when there are very few people around, is by shooting the pigeon. This should only really be used by experienced marksmen who can kill the bird with one shot, as an injured pigeon is often much more of a hazard than a live pigeon is, especially when you consider the diseases and parasites that can infect a pigeon.

Poisoning Pigeons
Using poisoned bait is one method that some people will use to try and solve a pigeon problem, but in reality this is a very bad idea. Pigeons are birds that can travel great distances. Poison isn't a quick method of killing the bird, and it will often fly a distance away from the poison site before it is actually taken ill and dies. Having flocks of poisoned pigeons flying around a town or city is a very bad idea, and the animals could go to hundreds of different places to die, and the carcass will become an even bigger issue.

Other Methods Of Killing Pigeons
There are a number of different methods that have also been used to kill pigeons to try and deal with the problem, and one of these is to use a falcon or another bird of prey to kill the birds. This has been used in many areas, but the relative rarity of experienced handlers and birds of prey that can do the work means this won't be practical in most situations. Another alternative is to use lethal traps, but because pigeons are prolific breeders and are birds that live in large numbers, these traps will often prove to be unrealistic solutions to dealing with the problem.

Alternatives To Killing Pigeons
The huge populations of pigeons that inhabit our urban and suburban areas mean that it is often impossible to try and deal with a pigeon problem by killing them. The real solution to killing pigeons is to change the area so that they will not be able to land or will not want to be there. Simple steps like keeping any smelly garbage in an area that isn't accessible to pigeons is a good start, and not feeding the pigeons is another good way to try and repel these pests.

If these measures don't prove to be successful then the next step is to start changing the environment so that the pigeons won't want to come to your property. Most pigeons will look for a flat area where they can land and build a nest, and there are a number of devices that can be used to prevent this. One method is to place a piece of netting over the area where the pigeons are landing and roosting, so that they cannot get to their favored place. Another way to solve the pigeon problem is by using spikes or a special sticky paint that will make it very uncomfortable for them to land in that place.

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