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Pigeon Trapping - How To Trap

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How To Trap A Pigeon
Pigeons originally came to North America with their European masters as domesticated birds that would be used for carrying messages, racing and as a food source. There are now millions of pigeons that have spawned from a small number of escaped domestic birds, and these have become a real pest in many cities. Trapping birds is a very different challenge to trapping animals that cannot fly, and for this reason it will often take a different approach in order to trap a pigeon, especially if you are looking to trap a large number of birds that have moved in to a certain area.

Choosing The Right Trap To Catch The Pigeon
There are a number of different traps that can be used, and many of these will need to be built to the specifications of the area if it is being used in. There are smaller traps that are commercially available, but these will usually only be effective if you have one or two birds to catch rather than a whole colony.

The most common type of trap is a live trap, and this will usually be a large cage that will have a one-way entrance that will give the pigeons access to the bait, and then prevent them from escaping the cage. For buildings that have tens if not hundreds of pigeons, a cage trap will usually need to be built to fit in the area that can trap a lot of pigeons.

Although there are some lethal traps available, the majority of those who want to be dealing with carcasses rather than live birds will use a live trap with poison bait. It is best not to use poison outside of a trap, as it will often leave carcasses rotting in places that you wouldn’t necessarily think to look for them.

Locating And Baiting Your Trap
Preparing for trapping pigeons is something that can take some time, and laying out bait without the trap for around a week beforehand will help to condition the pigeon to attend the area. Once they know that there is food to be found there, they will continue to return back to the area, and this is when the trap needs to be set. In terms of location it is best to choose an area where pigeons will be the only animals and birds likely to get caught, and the trap will need to be checked regularly to ensure that there are no other birds or pests that are caught in the trap.

If you are placing the trap and using poison bait, the trap needs to be supervised at all times to ensure that no other animals are killed by the poison, which is why most people will use the live traps.

Handling And Removing Pigeons
There are many different diseases that can be transmitted by pigeons, and some of these are found in the droppings, while others can be transmitted on contact. For this reason it is best to ensure that there is minimal contact with the bird, and that you do wear thick gloves and wear thick clothing to prevent any contamination.

In terms of getting rid of the pigeons, some states will have laws and regulations about releasing wild animals, particularly pests such as pigeons. Some states will insist that they are humanely euthanized, while other will have a point of contact that can take the bird. Because pigeons have a natural homing instinct, for those who are releasing the birds it is also best to take measures in and around the property where the trapping is taking place to exclude the birds and prevent them from returning.

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