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Will repellents get wild animals out of attic?

It’s really problematic! How get rid of these creatures? Many of us ask this question with ourselves. When we hear screaming, scratching and other disturbing noises from one of our home part we at once judge that our attics or chimney fill with un-wanted guests the wild animals such as raccoons, rats, snakes, bats, squirrel and groundhogs etc.

Most of the wild animals need very small hole and space to enter the attic. If we cover the attic properly we still not sure that there is no wild animal in the attic.

Many wild animals hide them in the attics and chimneys to safe their little ones from the male animals and the wild animals make their nest in attic as they find it warm place in extreme cold.

When we find that there is some type of wild animals in the attic we want to get rid of those wild animals and use different repellents to get rid of them.

There are many repellents available in market to get rid of these wild animals such as ammonia, mothball, poison, poison powders, attic gums, naphthalene tablets, mint and peppermint etc.

All the above mention repellents don’t work to get rid of them because many of these un- wanted guests do not find harm from these repellants.

Wild animal such as squirrels are tiny but sharp animal. They do not touch the repellant such as poison so poison as repellent does not work. Also poison is harmful for the family members.

Many of the wild animals do not hurt with poison. If we use moth balls and ammonia to prevent attic from rats it is only use for fragmentation and when fragrance finish, you again hear the noise of wild animals.

Paper mint is only an idea to prevent the production of wild animal larvae. This is only wishing thinking that we get rid of these wild animals repellant like peppermint.

Last but not least if bats make colony in attic it is really difficult to get rid of them with any kind of repellents because bats stick them on ceiling or walls and do not even touch and smell the repellents. Repellents do work to get rid of wild animals.

The only way is to get rid of wild animals in the attic is removal of them and seal the entrance. Go back to the How to get rid of wildlife home page.

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