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How do you remove a wild animal stuck in a dumpster?

Your dumpster is always a great source of attraction for raccoons or other different kinds of wild animals because normally they find an abundant supply of food in these regions. Therefore, we suggest that proper steps should be taken for making sure that access of different kinds of wildlife should be avoided towards your garbage cans. In all cases another important aspect to highlight is that wild life can act as a source of numerous diseases and some of them are even life threatening so presence of animals in your surroundings is never a decent idea and always imposes some prominent threats.

It is important that dumpsters should be sealed properly and must be cleaned after regular intervals for avoiding their exposure towards animal. You are bound to keep garbage cans outside but it will be better if closed sheds or garages are used for this purpose. Don’t leave the garbage can open or outside overnight otherwise there will be a variety of complications to face. The main point that should be highlighted here is that different kinds of complications will arise if you will not give proper treatment to your garbage cans. Most forms of wildlife get inside dumpsters by various means and this is even more serious because most of the animals get stuck and find it hard to get out. It is easy to get inside the dumpster, but extremely difficult to get out so you need to be extra careful in these cases.

It is a common practice to see raccoons or other different kinds of wildlife stuck in dumpsters that are empty. In case the animal is not injured best thing to do is to provide a decent exist to the animal. If the case is that stuck animal is a good climber, then you can provide it a board, sheet or ladder using which it can get out safely and effectively. These things should be placed in such a way that it can get easier for animal to climb and find its way out. Most animals don’t prefer coming out during day time when people are watching, but when it gets dark they will make the move so it is better to leave them alone and keep on checking after regular intervals.

In case your strategies are not working in helping the animal getting out of dumpster, then give a call to wild life experts for handling this job. Go back to the How to get rid of wildlife home page.

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