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Is it legal for me to trap a rodent?

With all the outrage that people who want to protect animals make, you may not be sure when it is good to trap the rodents or not and if it is even legal in your area. You have to be careful when it comes to capture, to kill or to exclude an animal since it may land you in legal problems if you do not ask first. There are laws about what you are able to do or not to do when it comes to what it is called nuisance wildlife. There are some spring-trap and cage-trap designs which had been proven by the law. There are some specifications that you need to follow when you capture the animal with the permits that you should have with you. It is important to consult specific legal frame in your state to be sure what is forbidden and what is allowed when it comes to rodent control. Otherwise you might face a serious fine.

In some area, even if you may need to have the permit in order to trap the nuisance wildlife, you may not need to have the permit if it is about the capture or to dispose the rodents when it has already entered in your home. You can trap the rodent if it has entered into your shed, barn or in any of your dwelling. When you can rodents and when you are aware about how to kill it in humanely manner, then you can do it. There are both government and private companies whom you can call and they will help you to deal with the rodents into your home. There are people who capture the animals instead of releasing it or to kill it, they may decide to keep it as a pet. Even if there is no law against this, you have to be aware of the risks you are exposing your family and yourself to while doing this especially when someone is bitten by such rodent.

When you get hold of the rodent and you feel as if you are not up to the task of killing it, you can give it to the pet store near you. The rodents can be kept as a pet or sold as far as they are healthy. They may be interested more in the babies but they will help you to dispose also the grown up rodent. Go back to the How to get rid of wildlife home page.

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