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How to Kill Flying Squirrels with Poison

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How To Kill A Flying Squirrel
Flying Squirrels are small rodents that have evolved into quite remarkable creatures, with small taut flaps of skin that allow them to glide from tree to tree in their natural habitats. However, with the expansion in the areas of human inhabitation there is increasing contact between people and flying squirrels, and they can be a pest if they make their way into a domestic property. This instance can trigger some people to want to kill these small animals, but they are actually very resilient and quite difficult to kill.

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Shooting A Flying Squirrel
If you live in a rural area where the use of a gun won’t break any laws or disrupt any neighbors, then this is an option. However, flying squirrels are very quick animals that will usually only be hit by an expert marksman, and even this isn’t guaranteed to kill the flying squirrel. The other problem faced by those who are trying to kill a flying squirrel is that these animals are not solitary creatures and many people will find that where have a sighting of one of these animals, there are often tens of them in the vicinity. This makes shooting an uneconomical use of time, and killing one animal will usually fail to deal with the problem.

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Trapping Flying Squirrels
The main problem when it comes to killing flying squirrels using traps is that they are very rarely to be found on the ground, where most traps will be set. These animals are natural climbers and have the ability to glide from one point to another, meaning that trapping isn’t always easy. If they are present in an attic or roof cavity then placing traps in the area can kill one or two, but they are usually present in such numbers that lethal trapping is not cost effective.

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Using poison to kill animals is a solution that has been used for many years, but the reality is that poison is a solution that tends to generate more problems than the pest animals do. Laying the poison is an imprecise art, and even when people make an effort to only target flying squirrels it is possible that many other animals can get access to the poison. The other issue is that poisoned animals will usually go to the place where they feel safest when they are suffering the painful sickness caused by the poison, and this means that they will often return into the domestic property to die.

Carcasses And Legal Issues
There are a number of regulations in each state about the killing of wild animals, and in many areas you will need to be licensed to kill flying squirrels. The other issue is that dealing with the carcasses can be regulated, meaning that it can be quite difficult to get rid of the carcasses.

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Alternatives To Killing Flying Squirrels
Dealing with flying squirrels can be a big problem for many families who suffer an infestation in their property, but in reality killing flying squirrels is often an inefficient way of solving the problem. There are many professionals who can assist with a flying squirrel infestation, and this will often be a better investment of time and money than trying to kill all of these creatures.

One typical solution to dealing with a flying squirrel infestation is to seal off all of the entry and exit points to the roof cavity apart from one or two, and then to install a one-way trap on the remaining exits. This will help to contain the animals until they can be removed to a location well away from your property, and also avoids the issue of having to deal with carcasses.

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