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Flying Squirrels Repellent Analysis

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Flying Squirrel Repellant
Flying Squirrels come from a long line of different types of squirrels. However, a type of squirrel that you may find to be a nuisance in America, Africa, Australia and Asia are the flying squirrels. Most flying squirrels build drays that are high in the trees out of grass, leaves, lichens and moss. Building their nests so high allows them to be protected from most of their predators. They do most of their sleeping in the day time when everyone else is awake and do the most damage at night. Squirrels like food such as fruit, vegetation, nuts, seeds, fungi and buds of trees, which is why they have made their presence in your yard, home or garden. They also eat other foods when the preferred is not available such as eggs and other small animals. How do you get rid of such annoying pests?

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Remove Their Food Source
If you’re worried about squirrels getting into your yard and home and you want to keep them away, removing their food source is the best repellant of all. This includes keeping your yard and home clean. Make sure that all garbage is placed into metal trash cans that squirrels cannot get into. If you have bird feeders, switch them over to feeders that have been created to close when you have an animal as big as a squirrel jumps on it to obtain food. If they have nothing to eat, then they’ll have no reason to stick around. However, this doesn’t always work especially if you have a garden in your yard. Besides it’s almost impossible to clear your yard of everything that a squirrel would eat when they eat whatever is available.

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Moth Balls
Using moth balls is a remedy that you may have heard your parents talking about and while they may be effective in removing squirrels, there are some other facts you should know about them. Moth balls contain two chemicals that evaporate over time into the air and become poisonous. These chemicals are par dichlorobenzene and naphthalene. This can present a real health hazard to humans, pets and other animals, especially when placed around the perimeter of your attic as a squirrel deterrent. Moth balls produce a smell that squirrels find offensive. However, when humans breathe the chemicals found in moth balls, they may experience weakness, eye irritation, headaches and abdominal pains. They are also known to affect the respiratory system and can lead to liver or kidney cancer. Whether you’re placing them on the inside or out, not disposing of them in the correct manner makes it easier for them to get into the soil and our water.

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Spray Repellants
There are a variety of spray repellants that you can buy for your yard, but you can also make your own mixture to save a little money considering they can be made from products you already carry in your home. Create a mixture of two cups of water, ½ spoon of dish detergent, 1tbsp of chili powder and 3 tbsp. of pepper sauce. All of this should be mixed together inside of a 16 oz spray bottle. You can spray this mixture all around the border of your yard and on any plants and vegetation that you want the squirrels to stay away from. However, this repellant doesn’t last long and has to be reapplied more often when it rains.

Fences have been known to keep a variety of animals away from your yard and garden. However, since flying squirrels can fly, it makes no sense to invest in building a fence. Fences to keep squirrels out are normally buried at least 12 inches into the ground. They are made with sheet metal or hardware cloth. They say if the fence is high and deep enough, you can keep the squirrel from burrowing under it and flying over it. Yet, there’s no guarantee and if you have plenty of trees in or near your yard, they can still get in. Besides, if you build a fence to keep squirrels out, there’s a possibility that they’re already living in the tree that is too high for you to reach. So, instead of fencing them out, you’ll be fencing them in. the truth is that if you want to keep a flying squirrel from out of your yard, they must be removed correctly and relocated. With the assistance of an expert, you can gain control back over your yard.

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This site is intended to provide flying squirrel deterrent education and information about flying squirrel repellents, such as those you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes, so that you can make an informed decision if you need to deal with a flying squirrel problem. This site provides many flying squirrel control articles and strategies, if you wish to attempt to solve the problem yourself. But remember, mothballs and fox or coyote urine won't do the trick, nor will high pitch sound or noise machines. If you are unable to solve the problem on your own, which is likely with many cases of flying squirrel removal, please go to the home page and click the USA map, where I have wildlife removal experts listed in over 500 cites and towns, who can properly help you with your nuisance flying squirrel. Click here to read more about how to get rid of flying squirrels.

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