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How to Keep Flying Squirrels Away

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Keeping Away Flying Squirrels
Just as regular squirrels are not welcome in our home; this can definitely be said for flying squirrels. Getting rid of them is relatively the same. Most people rely on live traps to solve their problem with these winged fur-balls. However, as with many other animals, there are ways to repel them that won’t require you finding a suitable location to set them free. This can also help eliminate problems of figuring out how to trap them and how to carry the trap without getting bit.

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Flying In The Attic
Flying squirrels have sensitive eyes and aren’t very fond of light. This may have a lot to do with why they are attracted to attics. Many people repel them by using flashing strobe lights in their attics. Eventually, the irritation of the flickering light will be too much for them to handle and they will voluntarily leave. In addition, any that may be considering moving in may change their minds. Another way to repel flying squirrels in your attic is to toss a few mothballs around. Splashes of peppermint oil will also work because they irritate the animals’ sense of smell. Ammonia isn’t good for areas like this because they usually don’t get a steady flow of air. Ammonia shouldn’t be used in closed and tight spaces because it can be poisonous.

No Access Granted
Getting rid of all entries is a sure way to keep flying squirrels away. You need to conduct a thorough check for openings and nests. Keep in mind that these animals will nest inside of your walls, in the insulation. Look for common signs of their presence, like droppings. Using wire and screen will prevent them from gaining access via whatever holes you may find. Steel wool is perfect for stuffing and filling holes because the animal cannot chew through it.

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If you don’t find evidence of their presence, it’s important to leave one access point. It will be the only way that any flying squirrels remaining in the residence are able to vacate. As soon as the house is clear, it’s imperative that the final hole is closed off. You may want to check that no babies have been left behind because squirrels will often build a nest for their young in your attic. If so, it would only be right to move them to safety or better still, wait to seal the opening up until all the animals are out.

Squirrels in general are already excellent climbers and jumpers. Flying squirrels in particular only have an increased ability to gain access to your home and become comfortable. Any tree branches that make entering your home easy, especially your attic, should be removed.

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These are still squirrels and many of the methods used to repel regular squirrels can be used for flying squirrels. Gardens are a food source and should be treated with things that will deter flying squirrels from feasting on them. Black, cayenne, Serrano and jalapeno peppers are great in keeping them away. You may also want to sprinkle spices like cinnamon and nutmeg around your vegetable garden. None of these things will harm your vegetables but their odors keep the animals away.

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Flower gardens can be treated with water that has been mixed with pepper sauce, chili powder and dish detergent. If you have a cat, using the dirty litter may also deter these pests from destroying your flowerbeds as well. However, keep in mind that it isn’t safe to use this on consumables. Therefore, it is not to be used to repel the critters from your vegetable garden.

Flying squirrels don’t have a problem with humans. It’s the humans that are aggravated by the noisy creatures living in their attics and nesting in their walls. The best thing to do is to begin with preventative measure before you ever have an issue. It isn’t always that simple. These few steps can help you in your efforts at keeping flying squirrel from turning you walls into home.

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