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Flying Squirrels Trapping - How To Trap

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How To Trap Flying Squirrels
Flying squirrels are amazingly adaptable animals that have adjusted well to the spread of human habitats across North America. Although they are native to woodland areas, they will often be found nesting in roof cavities and in the warm dark areas or other buildings too. It is fair to say that trapping flying squirrels can be particularly challenging because they tend to live in large colonies rather than small family groups, and in a roof cavity it is possible to have tens if not over a hundred flying squirrels in the same area.

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Getting The Right Trap For The Job
The challenges of trapping flying squirrels will usually focus on two main factors. Firstly the large number of animals will mean that traps designed for catching individual animals will often be inadequate. This also means that fatal traps will also be impractical, as there are very few options in terms of lethal traps that will be able to deal with a large number of animals, without having to set an equal number of traps. It is also important to make the right changes in the roof cavity to ensure that more flying squirrels do not follow their former friends into the area.

The approach taken by the professionals to dealing with a flying squirrel infestation will usually begin by examining the roof cavity carefully to find all of the entry holes that they use. Some will choose to seal these holes and set traps to catch those that are still inside, while others will seal the majority of the holes and fix one-way doors over the remaining exit points. These can simply allow the flying squirrels out, or can feed them into a cage trap mounted on the outside.

Traps for flying squirrels will need to be made of a firm mesh with small holes, because a flying squirrel is able to squeeze through very small holes.

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Choosing Bait And The Location For The Trap
Commercially produced baits will often prove to be effective in luring the flying squirrels into the trap, but many people will find similar levels of success using foods from the home as bait. Much like their larger namesake, flying squirrels will often find nuts to be very attractive, and peanut butter especially so.

In terms of the location for the traps, those that are being placed at the entry or exit points will be successful if the rest of the entry points are sealed. For those people who are sealing the entry points and then catching the flying squirrels inside the roof cavity, looking for high traffic areas with a lot of droppings and staining will usually be the best spot to place the trap.

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Handling And Removing The Flying Squirrels
Although flying squirrels are not a species that is noted for being disease carriers, this shouldn’t mean that you should handle the animal outside of the cage. They are likely to have been stressed by the experience of being caught in a trap, and as with any other rodent they do have strong teeth that can be used to bite. It is best to keep them in the cage until they can be dealt with.

Many states across the USA will have regulations about the release of animals back into the wild, so it is worth checking to ensure you aren’t breaking any laws by releasing your flying squirrels. The best option will be to return the flying squirrels to a wooded area that is well away from your property, at least ten miles. It is also vital that the roof cavity is sealed, as many flying squirrels will be able to follow the trails of others back into your roof cavity.

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