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Where should I relocate a trapped animal?

Sometimes it becomes very hard to get rid of the animal that has selected your property as a shelter. There are many reasons why wild animals seek shelter in homes and top of them is the:

  • unsuitable weather conditions
  • the breeding time
  • for the sake of food
You cannot keep wild animals as a pet as it is illegal in many states. Moreover they can cause severe harm to you and your property as well. Therefore it is decided that you have to oust them from your home.

In this struggle people used to adopt a number of methods and the most adopted and most recommended method is trapping as it is less harmful, safe and humane. Otherwise most of the techniques have larger side effects than this method of trapping.

While trapping it is important to keep some precautionary measures in mind like the size of the trap or cage should be according to the size of the animal you want to trap; it would be ok if you plan to trap a squirrel in the cage structured for raccoon but the reverse will lead you to failure of the mission. Similarly placing the trap at the right location is also very important.

The actual adventure!

According a majority trapping the animal is the biggest achievement of this procedure. But it is true that relocating them is more hard and sometimes more risky. Most of the people are unaware of what to do if they have a wild animal in the trap. It is very important to bring into our knowledge that almost every state has its specific rules and regulations about certain wild animals. May species are even protected at the state level so killing them or make any harm to them could lead you to legal complications. Therefore it is suggested to call a local wildlife rehabilitation center and take further advice.

Always remember!

People often take these animals to the nearest jungle or even a park to relocate them. But a greater care is required in such a Do It Yourself program as the animal is scared at that time and it can attack the person at its nearest approach. One more thing is worth remembering that you should relocate the animal far from your property as there are many animals that can easily make their way back to the earlier location. Go back to the How to get rid of wildlife home page.

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