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How to Get Groundhogs Out From Under a Shed or Porch

There are few methods to remove a groundhog from under your shed or porch. Some of these methods are lethal and can found being used in some rural locations. One of the most humane methods would be an exclusion trap. This will allow the groundhog to get out and unable to get back in. Though it is humane it is quite tricky. The trap must be set at the exit point of the den. There are several dens and finding the active exit point requires watching and waiting.

You must bait the trap with vegetarian bait; the most common and most effective bait is cantaloupe. Leave some on the outside of your live cage and put the rest inside. The groundhog will follow the trail. This is not as simple as it sounds and may take a few days to do. The primary key to this is having the right exit hole. Even if you are attempting to do this with a lethal cage (leg or body trap) you still must have the correct den and bait. Another problem with trapping is how do you know you have gotten everyone out. Dens are multiple housing units. Another problem could be with the law and where you can set free a groundhog. Because of the damaging behaviors of the groundhog, it may very well be illegal in some regions to set them loose, particularly if you trap and set loose several of them. While the lethal method may not be as palatable to some as opposed to others. You are free to bury them without legal interference.

Once you are sure you have gotten them all out you must quickly seal it off. If you don’t get a groundhog back in, you will surely get another animal living in the burrow. Unless you have been doing this a long time. It is best to let a professional do the job. Removing a groundhog from under your porch, shed or anyplace else requires thorough knowledge of what you are doing, including are the laws governing the release of your groundhog and to where you may release them.

Removing the groundhog(s) from under your porch or shed may at first appear to be the most logical plan, and it is. How to go about doing it correctly and verifying you have them all prior to sealing their den, is far more difficult than thought. All and all groundhogs are very destructive and a very heavily populated pest. They can undermine your home, land and out buildings as well as devastate crops and farms. Population control is difficult and your primary defense against them is to carefully keep track of the damage they are doing on your property.

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