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How to get rodents out of a wall

You may be hearing some scratching into the wall or you may be listening to some feet that scurry up or even down of a wall of the home. When you hear the running or scratching during the night, it is possible that you have the rodents in your wall. Rodents are very mobile animals and they can get through tinniest of the passages and gapes; and they use such small passages to get where they want-to the food-and most secretive routes they find the safest (and this is what the walls are for them). There are guides that can help to explain such problem and to offer different solutions on how you can deal with such problems.

The rodents like to live in the house and some of them may have been already born in the same house in the walls or in the attic. However, the original problem starts when the rodent come from outside and make a home into your house. The rodents can find many entries to be able to enter into your house and they can be roof edges, eaves, gaps and roof areas. When they use a ground level, they may run up in the walls of a home. Most of the time, the rodents will stay into the wall during the day and after sometime they may create their homes and nests in the walls. When the rodents are found in the attic, they can still find a way to enter into the walls while looking for the foods. When the rodents are already in the walls, they will use them to be safe place for what they want to do and they can start to chew on the wood or electrical wires. They will also pee or poop in different places. They can also make their way into the house and into the kitchen to find the food.

The best way that you can deal with the rodents when they are in the walls is to try to trap them and then to remove them. However, it is not easy to set the trap in the walls because they cannot be accessed and there is no room for them. However, you can trap the rodents’ right on the entrance where it gets in the wall. The trap will be more successful if they are put at the rodents runaway. The trap can also be set in the attic where the rodents go out. Go back to the How to get rid of wildlife home page.

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