What kind of diseases do squirrels carry?

Different types of squirrels are found in this area as it acts towards them like a home. Species of ground, flying as well as tree squirrels are extremely common and you come across them a number of times. However, one unfortunate aspect related with their presence is that these rodents are actually exposed to different types of diseases and majority of these can spread among humans as well. Therefore, having a decent knowledge related with diseases, which these animals can get is always helpful as you can avoid getting infected and enjoy safe lives even with the presence of these animals. Good thing is that rabies is very rarely associated with squirrels, but this doesn’t means that you should stop being cautious about it.

In this section, we will discuss some common diseases which squirrels can get so that you can identify the signs, which are shown by a sick squirrel and make the necessary arrangements for avoiding any health related complication.

Squirrel fibroma or squirrel pox is a very common viral disease, which infects squirrels. The virus is spread among the animals by means of insect bites for example mosquitoes and animal suffers from the consequences. The presence of this virus inside the body of animal is responsible for the appearance tumors upon animal’s body. Conventionally these tumors cause no further harm for the animal, but things can be damaging in case of the development of secondary infections. The tumors can also spread to liver, lungs, lymph nodes and kidneys. Therefore, if you notice a squirrel with such signs, then be careful.

In case you notice that squirrel which often visits your backyard is balding, then main reason behind this can be notoedric. The researchers have revealed that microscopic Notoedres douglasi penetrate the skin of animal and this leads to thickened darker skin and hair loss. In majority of cases it has been noticed that this condition doesn’t causes any further damage and fully recovery normally takes place. Another popular cause of the balding squirrels is fungal infection. Animals that are infected by fungus have brittle hairs which break off and it appears as such animal is balding.

Bubonic Plague which is caused by Yersinia Pestis is a condition, which is commonly found in ground squirrels. Some of the infected squirrels don’t show symptoms, but others can face fever, weakness, hemorrhaging and gangrene. This plague spreads to humans by bites of the infected animal and antibiotics can be a great help for animals who develop this condition.

In any case it is always better to be on safe side and recognize the symptoms, which animal shows. Right strategy is to maintain distance from the animal, which has been infected.

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