How to Keep Opossums Away

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Opossums with their long, thick and talented tail enjoy eating foods such as vegetables, nuts, insects, eggs, flesh, fruits and anything in your garbage can that they’re able to easily chew and swallow. Opossums are smart marsupials that bow down onto the ground playing dead when they feel danger is near. They are so big that many people have mistaken them as cat sized rats. Considering this, it is likely that you have one that visits your home quite often destroying your yard and strolling trash everywhere. Now that you know it’s not a cat, let’s talk about some of the repellants that are used to keep them away as well as their effectiveness.

Tea Based Deterrents
Repellants can work two ways and that is through smell or taste. Either the smell of the repellant will turn the possum away or the taste of it on the food they try to eat. One of the common repellants used today is a tea based deterrent which you can buy prepared or make yourself. With 2 liters of boiling water, 4tbsp of Lapsang Souchong tea and a plastic spray bottle, you can create your own deterrent. After the tea has cooled down, you can strain off the liquid and pour it into a water bottle and spray all over the plants and vegetables that you do not want the opossum to eat. Is it really that simple though? It sure isn’t because after two weeks, you have to apply the mixture again or after it rains. So instead of removing the opossums for good, they’re probably just going to come back after the deterrent wears off or they can even become immune. Yep, you said it; a waste of money.

Predator Urine
Okay, so you’ve heard of animals urinating in certain areas to mark their territory and drive other animals away right? Now, you can buy predator urine to repel opossums. Predator urine can be bought in liquid or powder form to put around your yard, garden and near entry ways where possums might be getting in and out of your home. Predator urine works for some but you still have those persistent possums who want to stick around and get what they can. After a while, they’ll notice that they’re being tricked. They’ll eventually come back to their feeding spot and pick up where they left off. Considering they only like to come out at night, you might have difficult time trying to catch them. Predator urine is a waste of money and only provides a temporary eviction to possums.

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Fish Based Deterrents
During a Deakon University Study, it was found that fish like deterrents such as fish fertilizer (Charlie Charp) and Indonesian fish sauce can be used to repel possums. They can be mixed with a little bit of water and sprayed on foliage to keep possums away. Yet, these deterrents can be harmful for individuals who are allergic to anything that fish is used to create. It can also cause allergies in children who enjoy playing outside in your beautiful garden. Not to mention, it can leave a horrible taste on fruits and vegetables even after thorough washing. If you’re trying to save money, this is not an option you’d want to consider. You have to reapply every couple of weeks and it offers no guarantee that the possums will be gone for good.

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Ping String Electronic Barrier
What the ping string electronic barrier implies is that there are no chemicals in the product that will harm the possums, it’s easy to install, invisible, weather proof and guaranteed to get rid of your possum problem. The barrier can be placed on a fence, roof, at ground level or anywhere that you want to limit access to the possums. It consists of fine wires that when touched by the possum, they get a shock of electricity. Because of the feeling, the possums are supposed to avoid touching the wires again and change their routes. While this may not hurt the possum, it does deliver a shock that is unpleasant. So, what happens when someone accidently touches the wire? After all, it is invisible. Installing something of this nature would take the experience of a professional to reduce the risk of injury.

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This site is intended to provide opossum education and information about how to keep possums away from your house, garden, or fruit trees, so that you can make an informed decision if you need to deal with a opossum problem. This site provides many opossum control articles and strategies, if you wish to attempt to solve the problem yourself. If you are unable to do so, which is likely with many cases of opossum removal, please go to the home page and click the USA map, where I have wildlife removal experts listed in over 500 cites and towns, who can properly help you with your nuisance opossum.

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